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Course name:                                 EARLY CHILDHOOD-NURSERY
Category:- International schools
Course Code:  
Course Location:Ho Chi Minh
Course Description:
The program for children up to 3 years places a strong emphasis on learning the English language (English Language Learning) combined with a Western style of early childhood care, which focuses on 'learning through play' in a stimulating and attractive environment.

The nature of the program provides many natural opportunities for the children to use the English language through social contact with teachers and other children. All students participate in daily teaching lessons and join in with class activities and games. Language development is an essential feature for both native and non-Native speakers.

Daily teaching sessions are an important focus of the day where the teacher plays an active role in modeling and teaching new vocabulary, common English structures, and pronunciation to best promote language learning. A theme-based approach is incorporated, suitable with the age and interests of the children. Unit topics include Me, Myself and I, Study of Plants and Seeds, Colors and Shapes, Seasons, Animal Kingdom, Song, Dance, and Drama. Drama performances are presented twice yearly.

Although the emphasis at this age is on the acquisition of spoken language this is balanced with time for physical education to enhance hand-eye coordination, balance and to aid strength development. The physical education programme includes water play, sandpit, dance, movement to music, outdoor and indoor games, nature walks in the grounds, ball handling skills, as well as activities involving running, jumping, hopping and skipping. Full use is made of the wading pool, outdoor play equipment and soft-room facilities under close supervision. Particular attention is paid to safety and sanitation.

Our aim is to provide many stimulating and varied opportunities for positive interactions and experiences to encourage the children to think, problem solve, imagine, create and learn.

The Nursery class provides a warm and stable environment to foster learning, and help build confidence and self-esteem in the children. The emphasis is based on positive attitudes for children to learn in a happy and caring environment.
Benefits (Objectives):
Degree Attained:Class/Course
Starting Time:03-Sep-2008
Provider Name:                               FOSCO International School
Provider Profile:
The FOSCO International School, Ho Chi Minh City is an exciting initiative to develop our existing childcare and kindergarten services to provide a comprehensive, holistic, English immersion education for children from Grade 1 to Grade 4. The Early childhood and Kindergarten section of our School has been operating since 1997 as part of FOSCO

The pre-school accepts children from 18 months to 5 years, providing a natural progression for students to enter into our Grade School. We employ competent and experienced foreign teachers. Our staff is committed to providing a high standard of an English immersion teaching program, closely monitoring student’s progress and/or difficulties. ESL support is available for non-native English speakers.

Classrooms are fully air conditioned and built on a generous scale to allow plenty of room for growing children. The freshly painted, brightly lit rooms provide a healthy atmosphere for learning and play. The children have access to a library and modern I.T room. FOSCO employs a full-time maintenance crew to ensure all facilities are well maintained, with particular attention to safety and hygiene.

Contact Name:Phòng Giáo Vụ
Email Address:
(to contact)
Address:40 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan
City:Ho Chi Minh
Telephone Number:(84) 930 593
Mobile Number: 
Fax Number:(84) 9302019



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