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Course name:                                 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Category:- International schools
Course Code:  
Course Location:Ho Chi Minh
Course Description:
Entering the Elementary School is a natural progression for children graduating from our two year Kindergarten program (K1 - KII). The Elementary section is licensed to offer a comprehensive education from Prep-Grade through to Grade Five. This year we are offering six elementary classes from Prep-Grade to Grade 5 for students aged 6 to 10 years. Next year we plan to open a new class to provide for the continuity and stability in education that our children need and that you expect. We recognize that the first years of schooling are extremely important to ensure the future success in later life.

All of our teachers are well qualified and committed to a high standard of learning and teaching that responds to the student's needs and closely monitors the individual's progress with an emphasis on stimulating the gifted and assisting the children experiencing difficulties.

The curriculum covers a comprehensive and extensive range of subjects focusing on the core learning areas of English, Health and Physical Education, Language other than English (Vietnamese), Math, Science, Study of Societies and Environment, Technology and the Arts. The emphasis is based on developing social and co-operative skills to produce well-rounded students for success in the years ahead.

The Elementary classes place a strong emphasis on the English Language. A special ESL program is offered for non-English speakers. The curriculum is designed to enhance and extend children's acquisition of English through a broad range of language experiences. We provide a supportive, language-situated environment that stimulates the rapid acquisition of the English language. The multi-cultural character of our classes is valued and incorporated into the program to cater for English speaking, the limited English speaking and non-English speaking students. A study of Vietnamese language and society is included to enhance the multicultural aspect of our school. The Vietnamese unit of our curriculum commences in Grade 1. Modifications are made to accommodate the diverse international population of our school.
Benefits (Objectives):
Degree Attained:Class/Course
Starting Time:03-Sep-2008
Provider Name:                               FOSCO International School
Provider Profile:
The FOSCO International School, Ho Chi Minh City is an exciting initiative to develop our existing childcare and kindergarten services to provide a comprehensive, holistic, English immersion education for children from Grade 1 to Grade 4. The Early childhood and Kindergarten section of our School has been operating since 1997 as part of FOSCO

The pre-school accepts children from 18 months to 5 years, providing a natural progression for students to enter into our Grade School. We employ competent and experienced foreign teachers. Our staff is committed to providing a high standard of an English immersion teaching program, closely monitoring student’s progress and/or difficulties. ESL support is available for non-native English speakers.

Classrooms are fully air conditioned and built on a generous scale to allow plenty of room for growing children. The freshly painted, brightly lit rooms provide a healthy atmosphere for learning and play. The children have access to a library and modern I.T room. FOSCO employs a full-time maintenance crew to ensure all facilities are well maintained, with particular attention to safety and hygiene.

Contact Name:Phòng Giáo Vụ
Email Address:
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Address:40 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan
City:Ho Chi Minh
Telephone Number:(84) 930 593
Mobile Number: 
Fax Number:(84) 9302019



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