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About us

TalentBold is the first digital-based integrated recruiting, recruitment management and planning platform in Vietnam. Every process from planning the quality of personnel by each position to executing, promoting and managing recruitment campaigns is coordinated, helping businesses to ensure Human Resource Security in all turbulent situations. TalentBold - Hiring helps increase recruitment efficiency by automating the recruitment process from recruiting planning, supervising recruitment assignments to internal employees, evaluating the effectiveness of external recruiting firms to post jobs, receive online resumes, store, search and review resumes, interview candidates, and efficiently reuse data sources for future recruitment.... ... Cataloge about TalentBold Group

TalentBold Hiring Free and Paid Software Functions are as follows: 

TalentBold provides the following functions

1. Free recruitment posting function: TalentBold post jobs : TalentBold post jobs 
2. Free Evaluation, Classification and Planning for each position Short - long term: Talentbold Mapping
3. The function of deploying the Free Internal and External Recruiting referral Campaign: TalentBold - Referral 
4. Professional recruitment assistant rental solution with monthly fee (from 4.9 million VND/month/Assistant): Talentbold RPO - Recruitment Process outsourcing
5. Software function of assessment and execution Recruiting with monthly fee (From 900K/month): Talentbold - Hiring 



Superior Technology: Technology that designs and interacts with a superior user experience. The system automatically suggests suitable jobs based on artificial intelligence technology


Connect Social Network Profile: With TalentBold, you can connect any Social network accounts such as Linkedin, FB or Twitter, ... with your account so that Employers know more about the great experience you have.

View Employer Rating Levels: Opportunities to View and Participate in Employer Credit Ratings. Great opportunity to find the right dream workplace.



Apply job Fast: Apply quickly with just one click. Your resume will be sent to the employer's email registration box

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