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Mẫu mô tả công việc

Mô tả công việc Trợ Lý Giám Đốc

Mô tả công việc Trợ Lý Giám Đốc

 Mô tả công việc Trợ Lý Giám Đốc

Director Secretary

Job Description

·         Help Director to manage time management and control job

·         Support the implementation of the Company's strategy by ensuring the decisions and instructions of the Director is notified and taken seriously

·         Support manager job tracking

·         Support departments, parts of the planning objectives, plans and policies according to their functions as assigned by the Director.

·         Proposed solutions made to Director

·         Assist the Director in relation to internal and external

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Hà nội Quảng cáo/Khuyến mãi/PR

·         Check the text, documents from other departments before moving to the Director for approval

·         Participate in meetings of the parts required by the Director

·         Perform other duties as assigned




·         Male, 25-35 years old

·         Height: over 170cm

·         Academic level: Bachelor

·         Experience: at least 2 years working experience in an equivalent position

·         Skills in word processing, synthesis - updated information and recordkeeping.

·         Good communication skills, deft handling of the situation arises.

·         Extensive skills and job management, know their thinking, better work organization

·         Ability to deploy work independently and manage time well.

·         Agile working style, carefully

·         Honest, honest, enthusiastic, inquisitive, responsible for the job

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