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Mẫu mô tả công việc

Mô tả công việc Trưởng Phòng Kinh Doanh

Mô tả công việc Trưởng Phòng Kinh Doanh
 Job Description

·         Manage sales team, recruit staffs, and conduct training activities

·         Make business plans and strategies, and propose the level of revenue for employees

·         Achieve revenue targets

·         Establish ways to approach customers

·         Attend seminars related to the company's products, organize conferences, exhibitors, exhibitors, attend training courses

·         Find out potential customers. Deal with customers to introduce and sell products

·         Develop new marketing plans, forecast and evaluate information

·         Monitor the customer contact process of each sales staff, and summarize the reports

Những việc làm hấp dẫn

Nhân viên kinh doanh thị trường

Bắc Giang, Bắc Ninh, Thái Nguyên

Thực Tập Sinh SEO

TP.HCM Mới tốt nghiệp/Thực tập

Thực Tập Sinh SEO (Không Yêu Cầu Kinh Nghiệm)

Hà nội Quảng cáo/Khuyến mãi/PR

·         Plan the activity of each product, and review

·         Other details will be discussed during interview




·         Male, 26-40 years old

·         Nationality: Japanese

·         Academic level: University Degree in related fields

·         Experience: No experience required

·         Knowledge of sales filed and ability to read technical drawings is preferred

·         Language: Good English or Vietnamese communication

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