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Mr Luong H. Nguyen. CEO & President of MemHitech Corp

Mr Luong H. Nguyen. CEO & President of MemHitech Corp
Dear Mr Chinh & HRchannels Group team,
Congratulations for your launching of the and It should be a great Day and a great opportunity for your company to promote the services that yourself and the HRChannels TEAM are ready and willing to take the extra mile to help the customers and take care of my Company's HR needs.
I'm glad with the performance of HRChannels and MegaCEO in the past, and with the recent hiring of Justin P., the Director of Operations for Memsonics VN JSC through your agency. It was a hard working efforts from you and your staff to co-ordinate the interview both on the conference call and the face-to-face meeting at the local level and international (Florida, California and Asia).
I highly recommend your HR services and advice to other prospect customers, together with the professionalism and dedication of your TEAM.
It's a job well done and keep up the good work !
Thanks and best regards,

Luong H. Nguyen,
CEO & President
MemHitech Corp
Dong An, Binh-Duong



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