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Job Detail

  • Offerd Salary (USD) Thoả thuận
  • Career Level Mới tốt nghiệp
  • Experience 0-1 Years
  • Gender Male/Female
  • Sector TP.HCM, Đắc Lắc
  • Industry Giáo dục/Đào tạo/Thư viện

Job Description

1. Time Tasks Notes
15 mins before the lesson
- Discuss with teachers about the lesson and the expected outcomes of the lesson.
- Support teachers in preparation task: cleaning the board, prepare chalks, markers.
- Check if Digital Content and other equipment works.
- Direct/ Escort students from their classroom to the iSMART classroom. Ask students to bring iSMART textbook and their school things.
- Make sure all students are at their seats before the class starts.
* Dress code:
- For iSMART teacher assistants: iSMART polo shirt and TA’s badge.
- For school teachers: school uniform.
- TA is supposed to get contact information of ACs and IT for any problems related to academic and equipment issues.
2. During the lesson
1. Warm-up:
- Collaborate with teacher to set teams, classroom rules and scoring system.
- Join in teachers’ activities. Ex: Sing and do actions along the warm up song.
- Assist teachers in giving instruction to students and ask them to follow.
- Involve all students into the activities.
- Translate teacher’s instruction (if the instruction is too long and complicated).
2. Revision:
Work closely with teachers to:
- Revise the previous lesson.
- Use workbook to revise and check for homework done (quick check).
- Cooperate with teacher to check for students’ understanding or remember the key vocabularies for the last time before going to the new lesson
- Pay more attention to low level students to explain again.
- Teacher assistant can move students to new seats if they fight each other or TAs strongly believe that they are very likely to argue or fight.
- The teacher assistant can explain in Vietnamese. (Make sure that all students understand how to do the activities/ play games).
This requires a quick discussion and permission from the teacher.
- Master students’ names, especially special students.
- Always encourage students to use English for all classroom
activities. TAs can instruct them basic commands and structures so that they can ask teachers, which makes them a habit of
- Involve all students into the activities
(especially the ones at the back).
3. Presentation:
Work closely with teachers to:
- Draw students’ attention to focus on the lesson.
- Walk around the classroom to seek for support.
- Explain the difficult vocabularies/ key points of the lesson by Vietnamese if required.
- Pay more attention to low level students to explain/ reteach the key points of the lesson.
- Correct students’ pronunciation if required.
- Reteach the key points of the lesson.
- Involve all students, especially ones at the
back into the activities.
4. Practice:
Digital content:
- Manage the students when practicing with Digital.
- Give instructions and explain to students if they do not understand.
- Classroom management should be conducted strictly.
- Encourage passive students to practice with Digital content.
- Remind students to use the interactive devices with care.
- Help with scoring system.
- Give instructions and explain to students if they do not understand.
- Model with teacher ( if required) for students comprehension
- Manage the classes when they have competition.
- Help with scoring system.
5. Workbook use: - Share the class with teachers and go to each student to check their understanding on how to do exercises in workbooks.
- Assist teachers with marking and correcting work if required.
- Walk around the classroom to make sure all students are performing properly.
6. Summary:
- Check students’ understandings for the last time.
- Ask students to listen and repeat to the teacher.
- Help to sum up the points and reward stickers to students.
7. Back-up stage:
Support teachers to get students to do the back-up activities
After the class
- Discuss with teacher to exchange information and share concerns about the lessons/students.
- Direct/ Escort students from Ismart classroom back to their classroom.
- Clean up all the teaching tools and give them back to their own place and make sure that equipment is well preserved.
- Organize chairs and desk arrangements and turn off all electric devices before leaving.
- The teacher assistant can return teaching tools back to the school staff or leave them at
iSMART class depend on the requirement of each single school.
- In case the TAs do not know how to handle this, please ask ACs in charge for possible solutions.
- Give extra support to students with special educational needs.
- Motivate and encourage students to join the lesson.
- Address learning issues to teachers and Academic Coordinator on time.
- Report to Academic Coordinator if there are any emergency cases.
- TA should work with AC before discussing about teaching.
- The teacher assistant can contact Academic Coordinators via email or phone.
- Monthly update the information about number of students, the teaching and learning process.
- AC sends iSMART syllabus at the beginning of each year and teaching plans every week so that TA can keep track of the schedule, especially mixed or make up classes.
- TA cooperates well with the school teacher on the matters of classrooms, equipment and how to direct students.


  • Being a senior students of University/ College
  • Students in major of English and English Education are preferred.
  • Good communication in English; Be fluent in English language
  • Pro-active & eager to learn
  • Be competent  in  MS  Word,  Excel,  PPT and teaching materials
  • Having responsibility in work & team player.

Required skills

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