The Singular Kitchen

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The Singular Kitchen Components Overview

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  • Founded Since 2003
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Company Description

At The Singular Kitchen we believe that the kitchen is much more than a room in the house.

Having our crockery, glassware, pans, and other kitchen utensils organized is essential to work comfortably.

At The Singular Kitchen we offer different equipment for your organization in different sizes and capacities, according to the aesthetic tastes of each one and with the appropriate quality and technology.

Large capacity drawers: allows us to store all kinds of tableware and kitchen utensils. Capable of supporting in some cases loads of up to 80 kg. of weight. Its large dynamic load allows you to store both kitchen supplies and supermarket purchases (canned food, bottles of water and soft drinks) and thanks to its removable opening system, these elements can be accessed and stored comfortably. The storage areas can be expanded if we have a plinth in any part of the kitchen.

Drawers: The utensils become a decorative element in the kitchen by having more space to have all the utensils always at hand and organized, each one has its place which allows you to locate it with just a glance. The lower drawer systems (2 levels) allow you to store the pans on one level and the lids on another or whatever you want, the possibilities are endless. The drawers and drawers usually have practical modular organization or interior fixing systems so that everything remains in its place and without causing knocks to the dishes. https://www.facebook.com/gordonramsay

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